April 19, 2019

Although we may not always know what to call it, fitness conditioning differs from other forms of weight training in that there is a specific end result as the focus.

General strength training gives us overall strength, which is extremely important and useful in many areas of fitness.

Bodybuilding narrows its focus on the development of overall muscularity, symmetry or the development of muscles that is both proportionate and in balance side to side and upper to lower body, and the presentation which includes the ability to display the muscularity in a way that is advantageous to the athlete, as well as the proper grooming necessary to enhance the physique, which includes proper skin tone, color and highlights. Bodybuilding is judged by the appearance.

Weight Lifting places its primary attention on the amount of weight properly lifted as a demonstration of strength. And is judged by its own criteria- the total amount of weight lifted of the different lifts that are included in each sport.

It would be safe to say that those who are involved in the above activities could have a measure of conditioning, but there are no guarantees.

Fitness Conditioning is the specific pursuit of strength, coordination, agility and skill to perform a specific activity. Fitness Conditioning is used to enhance our ability to perform better at sports and other skills. We know that a stronger, more flexible, more agile athlete is a better-equipped athlete.

Those who have been injured and are recovering from an injury will need a specific exercise prescription to recover. But the model that is used in Medical Exercise Therapy is not one that is limited to restoration of function.

Because that would be to return to where you were, and as good as that may sound while one is in a debilitated state, it would still equate to returning to the place where one was when the injury took place to begin with.

Our Model is to go Beyond Recovery.

Our aim is to get you stronger than you were, so that:

  1. You can avoid re-injury
  2. You can continue on your own with your exercise prescription and practice prevention

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