April 19, 2019

Affirmation Journal – Getting Started

Saved by a PPA. What’s a PPA? Stay with me, don’t go away.

This blog comes at the request of past and present clients. I have not taken this upon myself. I have been asked to write and to share my philosophy, beginning with an Affirmation Journal.

Here’s the thing we all face.

We are tooling along because we have made our PRW’s, (Powerful Reasons Why) and we all know that this is great—it’s what grounds us, gives us direction, courage, fortitude, and structure so that we can have an emotional link to our goals.

So here we are and my PRW is on my computer, and that’s good. And so I write about it, I blog about it and I tell others about it, and I’m highly motivated by it (them).

Then I step outside and I meet something I didn’t think I was going to encounter. And no one has prepared me for this.

It’s something that is threatening to take me off course. A total surprise. Wasn’t I just SO motivated a moment ago?

What does it really look like to “expect the unexpected”? What does that mean? This saying is really a platitude. Empty words don’t really help us in the moment that we really need help and a remedy.

It’s in these moments that what we need to know is how to think on our feet. Can someone teach us how to do that? Can someone actually teach us how to think when were faced with a situation where we really don’t know what to do? I say,


That’s what a mentor does. A mentor is going to teach us how to think when we don’t know what to do.

There’s the answer.

So now you can say:
“Before my mentor spoke to me I didn’t know how to face my next challenge that I didn’t know was coming. But my mind is now framed by,
‘I was taught to slow things down and make an analysis of the situation and ask myself ‘what just happened?’,
what is my challenge and what is my response or remedy?”

These are the two things we need to determine.

1. What just showed up- what is my challenge?
2. How do I remedy that?

Because the words of that remedy will be my next Personal Powerful Affirmation (PPA). I have a whole book full of them, maybe 90 hand-written and type written pages. These PPA’s kept me motivated, kept me on track with my goals and dreams, and taught me how to respond to the surprises of life that (always) come.

So now I know how to think.

I know how to take cover or duck when “life” throws me a curve ball. I know what to do! I am no longer a victim, no longer held hostage to lack of knowledge- I’ve got a plan. That’s what’s going to help me and it’s also going to help me write my next PPA.

This will help keep me on track with my PRW.
So we really need to be taught how to think, we don’t need a long list of rules, we don’t need platitudes, we need to know how to think when we don’t know what to do.

We need to know how to think so that our minds can be conditioned to know what to do with that situation I didn’t expect, so that I can survive what just happened to me rather than reeling from that last hit I took- now that’s powerful!

Why is it powerful?

It’s powerful because it addresses my most recent challenge, distraction, hindrance, fear.
It’s powerful because it’s the truth.
It’s powerful because it’s personal.
It’s personal because it happened to me. You see it’s OK to use some one else’s affirmation- but this one is personal, this one just happened to me.
And I have been taught now how to write a remedy.

And it’s an affirmation!

af-fir-ma-tion 1 the act of affirming 2 something affirmed; positive declaration; assertion 3 Law a solemn declaration, but not under oath

So I will write this in my journal and I will read it out loud and repeat it over and over, because now I know how to think.

Instead of giving in to an impulse, or letting circumstances beat me up. I now know how to fight back and I have found out that it works!
And the repetition of reading it out loud on a daily basis, or many times a day, until I internalized it, helped me to overcome my fears, my doubts, and my failings. That’s why I have so many of them—there are lots of things that can challenge us. But one by one I was able to overcome them because these affirmations changed me. They helped me change how I thought. I became a different person because of them.

It helped me to have an idea of how to re-frame how I think about what just showed up.
I now know how to think when I don’t know what to do.

Oh, man that’s powerful. This meant that I experienced a measure of success, and I am a changed person going into my next challenge, and I didn’t look back on a series of defeats, I began to look back on a series of triumphs and successes!

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. This affirmation came about when I was faced with the question of the value of my nutrition. I wrote this to myself and read it over and over and over again. When I believed it, how I made food choices became automatic. But every now and again I would go back and read it again to reinforce this truth into my life. This PPA reinforced and enhanced my goals or PRWs as we call them today.

It does not take the place of a PRW, it reinforces our PRW’s.

Think your ideal physique into being! Think nourishment to the body when eating, SEE the body transform because of the food and exercise. Set in motion the chemical reaction that will cause change to take place in your body, through the mind by thought. Positive thought (faith) has the power to change even the body chemistry! To affect the total outcome of the evolution of your physique!—Carlos

I’ve shared with you how to think. Now I encourage you to take each challenge and offer a remedy (PPA) and write it down in your Affirmation Journal. Now take this PPA with you everywhere you go, for as long as it takes to make this remedy a working truth in your life. This process will change who you are so that you can realize your dreams, because now you know how to think like a champion.

One More:

It’s happening right NOW! It’s going to keep happening! CHANGE, newness. Every day every minute you are changing. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, as a caterpillar as he enters the cocoon and waits patiently for his transformation into a butterfly. Still the same being but DRAMATICALLY changed into a beautiful creature. A new CREATION yet the same being. Its happening, you are changing constantly. A little here, a little there, until finally you emerge with a completely different appearance. The same person yet transformed; more beautiful, more refined, more complete, better perfected. A new physique! Out of the mass comes shape and form and detail, and a newness of development. It’s happening right NOW! – Carlos

Metamorphosis Gr meta, denoting change, and morphe, form, shape. Change of form shape or structure; transformation, the alterations which an animal undergoes after its exclusion from the egg, and which ALTER extensively the general life of the individual; such changes as those from the caterpillar to the perfect butterfly. !! – Webster