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Carlos de Jesús

Inventor of the Quad Blaster, the original and only portable leg machine with a United States Patent and Inventor of The Original Wooden Gym, all specialized fitness equipment I developed that I used to become the very first Natural for Life Pro Bodybuilding World Champion.

I'm not like most of the fitness "gurus" you see on the internet these days. I am a real bodybuilding champion who got there the old fashioned way, by using hard, honest work and no drugs.

I want to teach you not only what I know but also provide you with the ideal tools you'll need to develop your body in the most symmetrical way - the distinctive quality of all my athletes.

Having retired from drug-free competition, I'm ready to share all my insider secrets, successful methods, and muscle-targeted special equipment for anyone who wants to know how I rose to the top!

Read more about The Quad Blaster HE​RE.

Read more about my Wooden Gym HERE.

If you have questions, I'm here to share my knowledge and insight into all things training, winning, and successful body sculpting!

Hear a 60 minute interview that Tom Venuto did. HERE.

As a certified Medical Exercise Therapist, I am trained to integrate fitness training with those who have physical challenges that need to be worked around until fully healthy. I design personalized exercise prescriptions around each person's unique physical needs. Not every exercise is for every body. I help people find the right exercises for the needs they currently have.

I am also a certified Counselor and Life Coach. I help people resolve past issues so they can accel and win at life as well as fitness!

[Tom is a lifetime natural bodybuilder and fitness writer.  He's been in the fitness industry a long time – since 1989 – and since then, he's worn almost every hat in the business – personal trainer, health club manager, nutrition consultant, fitness coach, competitive bodybuilder, online publisher and freelance writer. Venuto writes a "Burn the Fat Blog."]

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