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The Quad Blaster & Wooden Gym Building PLANS

The Quad Blaster is a unique, one of a kind machine. There’s nothing like it in the whole world! When I couldn’t do squats, I used it as an integral part of my training that took my thighs to championship caliber when I claimed the Natural for Life World Bodybuilding Champion title in 1985. Because of my back condition I could not do barbell squats but needed a way to stimulate maximum muscle growth for my legs. Read my full story to find out how this invention was discovered and developed. I have used The Quad Blaster myself for 34 years and this was one of my secret weapons that I used to train my “H.I.T. Squad” of bodybuilders to become champions in their own right. My personal clients have also benefited from its use at my private practice for many years. I am now making this amazing machine available to the public for the first time! It’s safe, sturdy, the most intense way to work your thighs, and it will last a lifetime. Anyone who wants to develop and strengthen their thighs can benefit from The Quad Blaster, even if you don’t have back problems!

Building Plans for the Original Wooden Gym

There are separate building plans for 11 different pieces of equipment (excluding The Quad Blaster). These are not just diagrams, they are exploded views made on a professional CAD program. The Wooden Gym fully illustrated and detailed PLANS leave nothing to the imagination like some plans you see out there. These plans are for equipment that I designed and actually used myself to hone and sculpt my body into Champion condition to win all my titles. Every piece of equipment is designed to be ergonomic and adjustable for every body type and shape. Tested thoroughly for strength, durability and maximum tonnage, they are safe for the needs of just about everyone. With basic equipment you never have to leave home to run to a gym, or pay gym fees ever again. This is all you will ever need.

This is a digital download.

Very basic carpentry skills are required: you must be able to use an electric drill to drill holes, use a screw driver or ratchet set, and have the ability to cut wood to size with some kind of saw.

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