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Take a tour of Carlos' Wooden Gym

Included In the plans for the Wooden Gym is:

The history of how the Wooden Gym came to be (out of necessity) as I trained for competition dating back to 1978.

The 11 projects:

The Wooden Dip Machine

The Wooden Standing Calf Machine

The Wooden Seated Calf Machine

The Wooden Calf Block

The Wooden Ham Slammer

The Wooden Thigh Extension/ Thigh Curl Machine

The Wooden Hyper-extension machine

The Wooden Lat Machine

The Wooden Bench

And the free bonus projects:

The deJesús Pec Dec

The deJesús Abtomic Bomb

Everything I needed to train for and win the World Bodybuilding Championships

Having my own gym allowed me to use the equipment of my choice in any combination and any sequence without having to wait around for my turn at a gym. It became increasingly important for me to be able to train on my own schedule and not have to share equipment with other people. This equipment gave me the freedom to pursue the training that was required to become the best in the world and get the best out of my body.

Building Plans for the Original Wooden Gym

There are separate building plans for 11 different pieces of equipment (excluding The Quad Blaster). These are not just diagrams, they are exploded views made on a professional CAD program. The Wooden Gym fully illustrated and detailed PLANS leave nothing to the imagination like some plans you see out there. These plans are for equipment that I designed and actually used myself to hone and sculpt my body into Champion condition to win all my titles. Every piece of equipment is designed to be ergonomic and adjustable for every body type and shape. Tested thoroughly for strength, durability and maximum tonnage, they are safe for the needs of just about everyone. With basic equipment you never have to leave home to run to a gym, or pay gym fees ever again. This is all you will ever need.

This is a digital download.

Very basic carpentry skills are required: you must be able to use an electric drill to drill holes, use a screw driver or ratchet set, and have the ability to cut wood to size with some kind of saw.

Testimonials of Those Trained on the Wooden Gym

Dr. John

I am a medical doctor, Internal Medicine, and have been in practice now for 28 years. I have a wife and 3 children, and 3 grandchildren. Needless to say, I lead a busy life.

I first met Carlos in the early 1980's when, in my 30's, I began a regular exercise program at a fitness center in town, and he was a personal trainer for some of the other clients. When that facility closed, my commitment to exercise fizzled out and I got away form it. Then in the late 80's, I went to a chiropractor for a back problem and he recommended an exercise program He was using Carlos personally as a trainer, so he invited me to a few sessions, and we became reacquainted. Again, my commitment fizzled out as my professional career was all consuming.

One day at work, around 1991, I got a call from Carlos, "out of the Blue," asking me how my exercise routine was going. I told him it wasn't, and he encouraged me to come and see him and work with him on a personal program designed for me and my personal needs. I took him up on the offer, and have been working out under his supervision now for 16 years. I just turned 60, and I have to say that if it were not for my relationship with Carlos, I don't know how I would have overcome some of the adversities that I have had to face during the past 16 years. After each so called set back, he would bring me back.

As a physician, I recognize the importance of exercise. As a busy person, I recognize the difficulty of adhering to and exercise program. For the first 44 years of my life, I tried to commit to exercise on my own with sporadic compliance at best. So, how has my relationship with Carlos made a difference?

I could outline many reasons, but I believe the following are paramount:

Accountability - When it was me holding myself accountable, I failed. Carlos' approach to accountability is one of a kind father. He has said on many occasions when I had a "show up day" (meaning I didn't really feel like it or have the time), "Why punish you for showing up; let's do 100% of what you are able to do today, rather than 100% of your usual routine." Carlos always knows how to modify my workout to meet my needs at the time in such a way that I leave feeling better than when I arrived. It doesn't get any better than that - knowing there is a place you can go where you get a boost (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).

Trust - a very important aspect of a personal relationship is the element of trust. I don't really know how he does it, but Carlos has the ability to assess me each session in such a way that he can determine not only what workout I need, but how much I can handle. I believe he wants to see me be successful as much (or more) than I do, and would not do anything to jeopardize my growth. There are times when I don't realize I'm ready for a growth spurt and Carlos does. On those days, the bench press may feel heavier than expected and I only get 10 reps rather than the expected 12. Then Carlos will say, "Yeah, I hate it when I do that - that was 5 more lbs than last time!" He knew if I knew that in advance, it would psych me out and I might not make it. Carlos can be trusted.

Relationship - In the Bible, Proverbs 27:17 says, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." As I have come to trust this man, Carlos, he has become rather like a mentor. He is able to impart wisdom by his very lifestyle as well as the words he speaks. It seems to me that the tools of iron and wood used to make this man a world body building champion are also symbolic of his becoming a champion among men. I am honored to call Carlos my friend, as well as my health trainer and my mentor.

John A. Harler, MD

Richmond, VA

Dr. Paul

My first knowledge of Carlos DeJesús came about as I read an article about personal training in the city newspaper, which featured him and one of his clients. I was able to get his phone number and made an appointment to see him for an initial evaluation.

I had never been intensively involved in a weight training regimen although I had done weight training (mainly without any in-depth direction) at a few gyms and therefore had little knowledge of the styles of weight training before our meeting. During our first meeting I was very impressed with Carlos' attention to detail in obtaining a history and describing his methods of weight training. My real objectives were to tone and strengthen muscle rather than 'bulking up'. To my relief, Carlos was immediately sympathetic to what I had in mind and began to develop a regimen that would give me the results I wanted.

As we went through those initial work-outs, Carlos led me through a challenging but not overpowering series of exercises that achieved their intent of working every major muscle group. This was exactly what I needed. As we made progress and I worked into a schedule of three times per week with Carlos, he encouraged small advances and really made sure that I realized that I was, indeed, making progress.

By the time I had spent several months working with Carlos, I was seeing definite advances toward my goal. My exercise tolerance, strength, flexibility all showed dramatic improvements. Authentic encouragement and congratulatory remarks from Carlos boosted my self-esteem far above my previous efforts at weight training.

Above and beyond that, Carlos' friendly manner and encouragement enhanced my efforts. I never left a session feeling condescended to or reproached by my coach. In essence, I had a friend as well as a personal fitness trainer to help me through my work-outs. As challenging as they were, I soon came to really look forward to my work-out sessions with Carlos. Never pushing me beyond what I felt I could do on a particular day, Carlos always made each session compliant with and in line with what I felt I could accomplish on a day-to-day basis.

As a trainer, Carlos DeJesús knows his stuff and how to motivate his clients to achieve their very best at every session, changing up exercises to prevent sessions from becoming mundane or monotonous and yet continuing to work every part of the body. It was obvious that here was a trainer who had developed 'many ways to skin a cat'. On a personal level, we achieved a level of easy rapport which greatly facilitated the hard work that we put in.

As a person, Carlos DeJesús remains always positive, focused on the task at hand and scientific in his methods to helping his clients achieve their greatest potential. In short, we became fast friends and shared many facets of our lives outside the gym. Carlos works by positive reinforcement and is genuinely delighted to see the results that his clients achieve. He is at heart a quiet and introspective man who knows his business and how to motivate his clientele with words of encouragement softly spoken.

Dr. Paul Stairs


I was referred to Carlos from a friend because I was experiencing back and neck pain from an old injury, and I also desperately needed to improve my Body Mass Index, which was less than satisfactory. I was convinced that all that I needed was to go to the gym, but I was not disciplined enough to go regularly, and I didn't know what to work on when I got there. Carlos taught me not only the correct ways of strength-training and cardio-work-out, but counseled me on many different issues that I had as far as my health was concerned. I trained for two years, and in that time, I gained a positive attitude mentally and physically about my body and mind.

Carlos is extremely patient and supportive, and he encouraged me to find my own way of improving my lifestyle, which he called the philosophy of "One". I lost fifteen pounds and gained muscle weight, which helped me tone my body and increased my confidence greatly. Carlos became not only my trainer but a good friend. It was an immensely positive experience!

Bekah Hughes

Dr. Bobby

I first met Carlos DeJesús back in the mid-80s. I had just joined a gym because I wanted to change the way I looked and felt. It was very lucky for me that Carlos worked out there, too. Because of his kindness and true interest in helping others learn the correct methods involved in resistance training, he patiently showed me how to perform the proper bio-mechanical movements and breathing techniques of each exercise. Further, as a direct result of his tutelage, I began to see rapid results which, of course, piqued my interest to learn more and work harder.

We lost touch for a while as I went off to medical school and residency training out of state. When I came back home to Richmond to start my medical practice, we hooked up again. It was then that I learned about his intense study of exercise therapy, which in my humble opinion is far superior to physical therapy and rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is the process of getting patients back to where they were before whatever pain or injury occurred. Exercise therapy, on the other hand, takes patients well beyond that point as it improves their lives. They become physically and mentally stronger as the body uses its innate capacity to heal itself. The pain diminishes while confidence increases.

I have sent many patients to Carlos who have experienced dramatic life-changing results from his work with them. His teaching and instruction are based soundly on correct anatomic and biomechanical principles . His manner is positive, kind, and supportive with all facets of the body, mind, and spirit interaction. Because of these factors, I always feel safe and assured when referring any of my patients to him for exercise therapy.

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Carlos when I began training seriously 20-plus years ago. I am extremely proud to be able to call him my friend.

Dr. Bobby Quarles

Primary Care/Sports Medicine

Author of Get Off Your Butt, America!

Richmond, Va.


I have used the services and expertise of Dr. Carlos DeJesús off and on for at least 20 years and my expectations have always been exceeded. I have never run across anyone who is as knowledgeable and practical about exercise, nutrition, injury rehab, and sports cross training, as he is, yet so approachable, personable, and wise. In my experience, he is exceptional, the best of the best.

My whole understanding about exercise, athletics, motivation, and weight management has been revolutionized by his distinctive mentoring.

I started out having Carlos write out exercise programs that I would do at the local gym. I would come back periodically to update the workouts as my needs and goals changed. My workouts were on again, off again between two car accidents and overuse syndrome from hours of professional flute playing At a time when I needed extra motivation and help sticking to my goals I started coming to his exercise studio on a regular basis. Under his direct coaching and training, I have watched my body be transformed to a lean, athletic 128 pounds, my body fat percentage decrease to 15%, and I've seen my goal of fitness be far exceeded. I attribute my recent successes as a budding triathlon athlete, and personal bests in swimming, cycling and running, to Carlos' encouragement, and the strength program that remains a staple in my training. For an example, in four short years I have seen my squats go from not much more than my own body weight to using 255 pounds for 15 reps, almost twice my body weight, and at 55 years young!

From his rehab protocol, I went from not being able to play my flute for any length of time without pain, to having the physical resources to play for hours, and beyond, totally pain free. We've also worked through a couple of sports injuries along the way. His model not only has brought back full function, but with additional strength to prevent a re-occurrence.

When you come to Carlos, you get far more than just an exercise session, you receive the wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained over his lifetime applied to you personally, the individualized motivation of an expert coach, and the compassion and interest of a real humanitarian. He's a rare kind of life-coach.

Besides the evolution in my physical appearance, he's been instrumental in the transformation in how I think and what I believe about myself. These are priceless gifts. Carlos, you are the best!

Susan West


I started working out with Carlos in 1995 as a gift from my husband who was tired of me complaining about my weight gain from his gourmet cooking. My husband's hobby and career are both food oriented so he decided if I had a professional trainer He would be able to continue to enjoy his lust for food with me. That was a gift that has changed my life and continues to encourage me as I age into the 70's. I have been with Carlos now for over 12 years.

My life has changed in many ways as we have dealt with various issues of my lifestyle over the years. I quickly learned that Carlos believed in an experiment of one. Each person was unique and each session with each client was unique as well. Carlos is able to adapt training to the needs and desires of the client for that day.. Over the years I have addressed weight gain, stress, mood swings, illness, and lack of self esteem. Through exercise and direction from Carlos many of these problems have ceased to exist. It is amazing for me to see how little people know about their own bodies. It amazes me to reflect today on the past 12 years and realize all the different problems that have been solved or eased through Exercise Therapy.

Originally, I lost 30 pounds on Carlos' training schedule and diet suggestions.

Due to loss of weight my hiatal hernia stopped acting up and I continued to enjoy my hubby's gourmet cooking.

After a stressful day at the office I'd hit the gym fatigued, only to leave the gym exhilarated and full of energy for the evenings activities.

As I have aged my osteoarthritis was taken into consideration and exercise was developed to keep stress off my joints. My stiffness is improving!!

Endurance has increased and I find myself doing things with friends 20 years my junior.

Recently, I suffered a heart attack with 5 way bypass surgery. Carlos rehab'd me to full recovery in just 6 weeks with his personal program developed for my needs. This swiftness of recovery was amazement to my doctors.

Need a secret weapon? Need some good counsel from a man who is genuinely interested in the individual and his/her needs? Need a new lifestyle? Get involved with a good training program from Carlos DeJesús, Medical Exercise Therapist, Trainer of Bodybuilders, Champion and Judge, Encourager and Motivator who is credentialed and certified by the best. He can be your secret weapon also.

Jaye Parma, Vice President

Old Dominion Spice Company

Ashland, VA

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